20 min amrap

5 OHS 95/135 35lbs

10 HSPU off of box

15 Wall Balls 14/20 10lbs

1 Rope Climb 7 ring rows

unsure if i got 4+12, 5+12 or 6+12 either way it was hard and i kept yawning while doing wall balls that was embarrassing. i had a little cough this morning so i just do not think i was taking in air the right way.

i got to use the new rings!! ohs were ok. started to feel week at end. hspu soooo hard. i think if i keep working on my strict pull up these will come along. wall balls…wall balls. still no rope for me though it was a quite class so i could have noodled around a little more but ring rows are tough and i feel they work similar muscles.