50 wall ball buy in 14/20 10lbs

3 rft

15 snatches 65/95 25lbs

10 TGU 25/35 8lbs

15 Pull Ups red band

time 30:17

i said the other day to my husband that i have not had a wod in a while that i thought i would not finish and in return brought me to tears.  well i spoke to soon.  today was one of those days. i woke up feeling ok, a little tired, but well rested. when prepping for breakfast a few things went wrong that kinda set me off not to mention thinking about 50 wall balls.  in the end while the wall balls were exhausting they were not as bad as i imagined and it was such relief not to have to come back to them. i even though the ball over the target a few times which i think means i need to move to the 14 but i really do not want to.  i was still the last one off the wall.  i struggle so much with the fact that i am always last. i know its not me against other but it get sad after a while.

the wall balls had taken a toll and the first 15 snatches were slow. i was really focusing on form and i just could not move quickly through them.  i did 2,3,2… tgu are literally the slowest exercise ever and my thighs were on fire. i did 5,5,5 on first two sets of pull ups and then muscled through the last set 6,6,3. i know i have more in me with the pull ups and i need to start doing them with out the band but i already finish 5 minutes ok 3 minutes after everyone that i just feel like i can sacrifice it.  typing it out makes it sound petty and i am doing this for me so if i want to get pull ups i need to get over the fact that they are going to take forever and just be the lone person while everyone is gone doing 1 pull up at a time.  no matter what.