400 M Run

20 Pull Ups

20 OHS 65/95 25lbs

time 34:01

most people finished well under 30 minutes but i was getting those pull ups.  on the 3rd round i tried using the red band but it hurt my shoulder so i gave up and just did single flailing leg pull ups.  i started listen to episode #89 of Paleo View.  this is the first time i have ever listened to this podcast, i read both contributors blogs, but I am not overly familiar with them. i have this thing, i know my pull ups are not great.  as much as crossfit is “infinitely scale-able” it sometimes is not.  i can do one ok kipping pull up.  can i do one strict pull up, no.  should i go back to the bands. some say you should never use the bands, but my gym does. should i not go my ridiculous kicking pull up?  i do not know.  its the same with food.  do i eat gluton free full time, no. do i eat paleo full time, no. do i eat “well” full time, no. i just felt like this episode kept presenting problems with no attainable solutions, i mean i only got 30 min into but i felt like i was being beat up even though they have no idea, or really care who i am.  its seems that way with life.  people want to obsessive over what they can not fix. and for me that gets me no where.  it put me in a bad mood and there is nothing you can do about it.  

on the other hand my ohs felt great! i even did the last set unbroken thanks to having some coaching. nothing is better then your coach staring right at you and counting out your reps to get you to go unbroken.  all other rounds i did 11 and 9. that run felt slow but i know it was not that bad.  rant done, back to work!