1 mile run 800 meter run

100 pull ups 50 pull ups

200 push ups 100 push ups

300 air squats 150 air squats

1 mile run 800 meter run


this was my first time doing murph and when given the option to do half murph i knew that was the smart move for me. i broke it up as 10 cindys (5 pull ups, 10, push ups, 15 air squats) i did the first 2 rounds with real pull ups and even some pull ups that were like legit chin over bar but on the 3 rep of the 3 round i kept failing and could not get my pull ups so i pulled over the thin band and did the rest with that.  push ups were tough but i think my form was good. did most hand release. air squats were good.  my air squats have gotten so much better. i mean everything has gotten so much better but i used to hate air squats, i mean i still do not dream for them to be in the wod but i can actually push through them fastish (for me).  the first 800m was awesome.  4:30. perfect. that last one, i am pretty sure i was running through peanut butter. my legs were barely moving and i was so winded.  a pedestrian asked me if i was from crossfit and then followed up with do you like it and i barley could cough out a yes and yes.  i am sure i made it look like a ball of fun, what is a ball of fun.  i finished that second 800m in 5:00min which is ok, i wish i could have held the 4:30.i am really happy i did half murph because i feel like i was still able to get the meaning out of it, get a workout in and be able to walk the rest of the day. it sounds kinda terrible but i know what these military people sacrifice on a surface level because i will never know, i have not and do not plan to serve in any capacity but it made a work out that looks very inescapable accessible to me.