Thursday morning I woke up and knew I had to mow the lawn.  We have a push lawn mower and its tough. We are in the process of buying a self propelled one.  The want to save the environment unfortunately does not out way how hard it is to mow our lawn with the push mower. I looked at the wod and it was a 1 rep max snatch. I was so sad to not go.  I saw everyone post their scores from my class and I was like I will go at 4:30 eat dinner and then go back from oly night but the day got away from myself.  I finished editing me second to last wedding! When I got to oly night we were told we would be working a 1 rep max for the full hour opposed to 10 min like in class.  It was awesome and hard.  I have never worked a 1 rep max for that long. I had no issue until I hit 75.  I did 65 great but failed so many time on 75 because I was not dropping under the bar.  Once I got it I was done and it felt great.  So light going up and kinda hard coming up but not impossible.  It was awesome!