3 MU 3 Pull Ups (unassisted) and 3 Dips (stationary with green/blue band)

6 Front Squats 55lbs

9 Power Cleans 55lbs

12 Over the bar Burpees death

time 11:04

burpees! all and all this wod was awesome.  wishi would have finished 30 sec sooner which i chalk up to that 30 sec i stared at the bar, need to not stare at the bar.  pull ups felt great.  wish all pull ups were only done in 3s. by the last 3 i was losing them. dips felt good-easy but did not want to push it. front squats felt better then that day i did 150. i was getting the correction to keep air in my belly/leaning forward so need to work on that. power cleans felt good. burpees felt terribly like burpees plus add in the jumping over a bar.