Labor Day

Hero Wod – Don

66 Deadlifts 85/115 85

66 Box Jumps 20/24 10

66 KB Swings 35/55 25

66 Knees to Elbows

66 Ab mat Sit Ups

66 Pull Ups

66 Thrusters 35/55 25

66 Wall Balls 14/20 10

66 Burpees

66 Dubs singles

I only did half the reps (33) time 46:40 it was brutal.  it was busy since there were only two classes all do so we staggered which move we started on and I started with Knees to Elbows because a bunch other girls were. hanging on the bar has for sure gotten easier but knees to elbows still take me a good amount of time.  it was nice just working through on move and not having to worry about coming pack.  the sit ups were like a dizzying break which would have been nice later on.  the pull ups were slow go but i did all 33 unassisted and that made me very happy!! thrusters felt light at first but after doing 11 or 10 unbroken i was wiped. did the rest 6,5. wall balls were ok because the 10 lbs is way easier to through then that stupid 14lbs ball. so i thought wall balls were bad. i am pretty sure the burppes took me at least 10 min. dubs were not happening did 99 singles. deadlifts were ok same with kbs.  did small box.  moved a long on those.  afterwards i felt ill. i have not felt hat way in a while.  i have been hitting the weekends hard by eating whatever i want for a whole weekend including friday night.  i want to try to cut out friday night indulgences and mabye keep lunch or dinner “normal”  all and all i am happy where i am but i just hate feeling so ill after working out even though its rare since i do not do that many workout that are this taxing.