dubs and wall balls! i used the 10lbs wall ball and worked on keeping upright. i tend to lean forward and squat super low which makes it even harder. i did fall on my butt once. the dubs were hard but i got about 30. lance said we could do single, single, double and just count up to 30 doubles.  i just get so winded and then frustrated. my dubs were not great because i was piking a lot.  need to work on that. cleans felt good. lance made me do 65lbs for my last round. was not terrible. i mean it was terrible because 90 wall balls stunk and i am not sure if they were 90 awesome wall balls.  i would say they were 60 good wall balls and 30 eh wall bals.  stupid wall balls! i do like that 10lbs ball way better.  the 14 lbs ball is hell.