Helen meets Grace (partner)


400 M run

21 KB Swings 35/55 25lbs

12 Pull Ups with varying bands


30 Clean and Jerks 95/135 65

time 12:33

this was my first “competition” but say that lightly because it was for charity, we were scaling and it really was just for fun.

recap: my partner, jen, is a strong runner but a very considerate person and knows that I am not the best runner so she took it at my pace.  also, we had to hold a thin pink rope the whole time otherwise there was a 5 burpee penalty, and last thing i wanted to do was burpees. the first 400m was fine.  the plan was jen does 11 kbs while i set up the band for pull ups.  because i am slow at 11 she looks over and i am still futsing with the band so she keeps going. i try to do the pull ups unassisted. i get one. then on my second i get no reped. which really takes the wind out of you. so i jumped over to the band and did 3 more. then jen jumped on did 3 got a no rep and then did 3 more. on the run we decided she would do the kbs and i would do the pull ups with the band.  that run was ok. she does kbs. i do pull ups.  i am not sure if its this round or the next when i give up and move over to the thickest band but in the heat on competition all i wanted to do was get it done fast.  last run was hell.  i could barley breath.  last pull ups were easy. then was on to the clean and jerks.  jen and i have both been working on our oly lifting skills but jen is strong.  the plan was 5 at a time for a total of 15.  65lbs is heavy for me, manageable for jen but it was awesome.  if felt like a 100 people were cheering us on, it probably was more like 5, but our coach was there and kept giving me a reassuring nod and grin, and it was awesome.  between our sets i was sucking wind. it was a ton of pain but it felt awesome.  huge adrenaline rush and once we were done a ton of awesome congrats and compliments on my form, which i love to hear.  then i hung around to watch some friends compete.  it was a really fun day.