7 Min EMOM 5 Front Squats 105/155 60lbs


10 Push Jerks 55lbs

10 Sumo DL 70lbs

10 Ring Dips on the rings!! but with the green (old blue band) form was not great and elbow were not locked out every time but i played with them a little more after class, even though my arms felt like jelly, and got some tips and they felt a little better.  jumping into the rings/band is so scary. i fear my arms just giving out and me face planting.  i think most of my crossfit fears/general fears are me falling on my face.  i am not as afraid of falling on my butt, but maybe because i do that more often like during wall balls, 2fers, snatches and stretching.


front squats are not my strongest lift so it was good to work on them.  we had a small class so i was able to go from the rack and focus on looking up.  my new favorite cue for all type of squats is just focusing on going up.  sitting down is easy.  i have the my weight, sometimes external weight and that whole gravity thing pulling (pun) in my favor. if i just focus on coming up, even when i am going down i find i am less likely to get stuck. my one rep max front squat is 105 so to do 35 reps at around 60% is pretty good.

push jerks are one of my favorites but 55lbs got fast quickly. sumo dl were fine and ring dips see above.  all and all a great week.  now to just get through this weekend!!

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