2014-11-11 08.13.57

so i miss read my friends text about programming, oops.  the first line is suppose to be one session, 2nd line second session.  there was a third line but thankfully she walked in while I was trying to convince myself to pick the bar back up.  my weight is in orange.  it is suppose to be 90% of your one rep max, clean and jerk, which is 100lbs.  so it gets a little nitty gritty when you are working at lower weights.  5s felt good. when i moved to 3s i was getting tired but still felt like i had some nice cleans and a few nice jerks.  left inside of wrist feels a little tight.

after this I did 2 reps 8 times of box squats (first time) with 55lbs on the bar i think.  not totally sure.  then did 8 reps with small break of 85lbs deadlift.

fun lifting day.  did i mention i really like to lift?