core work

3 rft

10 good mornings 35/45 (15lbs)

10 v ups (20 sec plank)

10 hollow rocks (10 knee raises)

10 rft

6 front squats 85/115 35lbs

9 box jumps 20″ step ups

12 burpees not to the ground burpees

7 rounds 32 min.

i was not feeling it today.  i felt off balance on my squats. though this picture looks better then i thought.  i did a lot of slow warm up to get my hips moving.  my first air squat of the day now a days is always off balance.  my knees could be tracking out more but my spine looks pretty straight.  my chest is falling down a little so that is something to think about.  step ups were fine but a little wobbly and burpees just winded me.  the whole time i felt super winded even when i would take minute brakes.  i was not in the mood to work through the last 3 rounds.  i need to scale back since soon i will not be able to nap whenever i want.