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c&j 3/65lbs 3/75lbs 3/85lbs

back squat 5/85 3/95 1/105

felt good.  last clean i hit my throat on the pull. it was weird not sure what happened. maybe i did not drop quick enough or elbows to slow but better then what happens sometimes when i clean heavy where i do not drop at all and i catch it below my collar bone, ouch.

back squat felt good. end of 5 and 3 felt like i was rounding.  need to work on speed.  maybe add pause squat eventually.  just trying to get work in.

back was tight afterwards.  did a lot of stretching and feeling good.  sitting a lot makes my back ache but once i start moving i am good.


core work

3 rft

10 good mornings 35/45 (15lbs)

10 v ups (20 sec plank)

10 hollow rocks (10 knee raises)

10 rft

6 front squats 85/115 35lbs

9 box jumps 20″ step ups

12 burpees not to the ground burpees

7 rounds 32 min.

i was not feeling it today.  i felt off balance on my squats. though this picture looks better then i thought.  i did a lot of slow warm up to get my hips moving.  my first air squat of the day now a days is always off balance.  my knees could be tracking out more but my spine looks pretty straight.  my chest is falling down a little so that is something to think about.  step ups were fine but a little wobbly and burpees just winded me.  the whole time i felt super winded even when i would take minute brakes.  i was not in the mood to work through the last 3 rounds.  i need to scale back since soon i will not be able to nap whenever i want.



11935009_10153047023197967_522734640305910402_n 11951931_10153047023142967_3854696552725561640_n 11898546_10153047023077967_9039831038618574840_n

I think i got like real dubs but i do not know. sometimes i think they are just fast singles.  i did about 15 so i would keep moving.  power snatch felt good. strict press was good.  tried not to round my back to much. can’t tell in this pic. i have done strict presses 3 times this week.  two “max effort” one at 55lbs and then one at 65lbs. one tip that helped was keeping my ass tight so i worked on remembering that during the wod.  did 5 ring rows instead of rope climbs.  though i had a dream about climbing the rope.  i will get back on the rope eventually.  ring rows are hard but they can be made easier by making less of an incline.  this felt manageable 5 at a time.

back squat 2×8 75lbs (felt good. should add 5 lbs total)


30 m suicide run (i did not touch the ground)

15 box jump overs (20 in box step up and overs)

15 sdlhp 65/95 (40lbs felt good)

I am feeling pretty huge right now.  None of my cothes are fitting well. Once I got going on the workout I started to feel better.

11887989_10153038688332967_2063802035214280740_n  11951883_10153038688837967_8806387533170416555_n 11949348_10153038688397967_4028762461863490122_n11057362_10153038688437967_9113940156372295799_n

7 min emom

5 squat snatch 65/95 (35lbs felt good)

5 hspu (strict press 35lbs. got heavy quick)

i did 2 rounds on the min then took a min off then did 2 more rounds took a min off and then did the last round, i think. the squat snatches took my breath away.

7 min amrap

30 dubs

dubs, so hard.  trying to do double, double, double instead of single, double, single.

20 kb swings 55/70 (35lbs. did all 10 and 10 i think)

2 + some dubs

and then 500 m row

2:40. i have not rowed for a bit had a hard time getting close to my body.


I did the same as the percents for the oly work.  Felt good.  I still do not feel like i get under the bar fast enough during powers. I did step ups and a mod burpee more of a push up as far as i could go. then i did 10 ring rows for each rope climb (so hard)

I had a tough day yesterday and a restless night last night so I thought it best if I did not wod, as planned.  I just looked at the wod which is Nancy (5 rft 400 m run and 15 ohs) kinda glad I did not go even though I could scale this enough to make it fun for me. I can’t go to yoga tmr so maybe a wod is in the cards.  Trying to listen to my body but its hard sometimes.