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Challah time! So I was raised Jewish and I love so much of the traditional jewish food like challah.  I have been wanting for a while to make bread and i have been craving challah so here we are.  I can’t find this exact recpie online but this is a great video with more or less the same recipe.  2 eggs three yolks!

so the recipe calls for the dough to go into the fridge i think because of the eggs but this made me very nervous since to rise most breads are suppose to be in warm places.  i might have put it in the fridge taken it out, put it back in and then taken out all over a 18 hour range.  the recipe it could sit for 2-12 hours.  18 hours later…

30 min later…finished challah.  the recipe said it was down when you knocked on the bottom and it sounded hallow, it did, i think.super cool bottom.  this was around 3 and as much as I would have loved to dig into you just can not serve a challah with a bite taken out of it.  So i waited patiently until Vin got home at 6:30 where we devoured a good portion of it but making sure to save some for french toast which I am happy to report was absolutely amazing.

on monday morning i got up and had no want to run.  i bargained with myself  and decided 3 miles at a reasonable speed would do.  i am not really training for anything because i am working with my fiance to build up his running abilities so it sometimes is tough for me to decide what to run.  i came, i ran, i would not say i conquered. here are my times

mile 1: 13:30
mile 2: 14:50
mile 3: 12.25

not bad. vin and i are currently doing the 3rd week of couch to 5k and he is doing really good.  this week it is run 90 second walk 90 second run 3 min walk 3 min twice.  i keep trying to push him to run more but we are running around 8:30-9:30 which is pretty fast for me even for a short time so i just need to remind myself he is just starting out.  i think he might even be starting to understand why i like to run so much, but lets not jump the gun.

before the 3 milers i had some unphotographed oatmeal, with raisins, flax seed and peanut butter.  when i got back i did some rearranging of the book shelves and dusting.  after that i was hungry for lunch.  i usually try to have a big spinach salad but we are out of spinach so i thought i would try to make a smoothie.    in the mix

2 hand fulls of kale

1 frozen bananna

1 frozen mango

1/2 cup of reduced fat milk

1/2 2% Fage yogurt

3 frozen strawberries

2 handful of ice

we currently only have a chocolate protein powder that i think is a little strong so i also made 4 hard-bowled eggs on the side with a slice of chedder cheese.  I did not think i would eat all the eggs but i did, just the whites i have never really liked the taste of the yellows.  one summer i had a major love affair with jamba juice and they were always super yummy but they never filled me.  while i had one and half glasses of this I did not feel full so i grabbed a couple sun chips which was a total mistake.  I was so full plus I do not drink milk so my stomach was really being pushed.  next time no sunchips and maybe one less egg.

because i was so full i did not have an afternoon snack which led me to be really hungry by the time i met up with my two girl friends for dinner and decided that wings and a side salad was a smart choice.  i do have to say that was not what put me over it was the brownie encased in a cookie with ice cream that we all shared that made all of us feel like we were bursting at the seems but we were celebrating so why not! what were you celebrating you ask? my birthday of course! so that is more or less how i spent my 24th birthday.

Vin and I have been loosely following Couch to 5k plan and it has been going really well.  Today was a rest day for him and a sleep in day so I got some exercise in after he left.  Little Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga, which I started to like.  Its so different doing yoga from a dvd, but my wallet likes it and I am getting used to it.
after yoga i had some oatmeal with peanut butter, flax seeds, rasins and a half of apple.  yumafter this i got on my bike and ran the two errands i had, post office and bank.  it is beautiful outside, sunny though the breeze is a little stronger then i would like especially when riding into it and i going about 2 mph. i am so lucky to live in flordia and get to enjoy this beautiful weather but i really wish i could ride my bike on the roads.  I see people doing it but I am way to scared.  80% of the bikers around where I live, not on glorious bikers heaven A1A, ride on the sidewalk and what mainly sucks about this besides dodgy the occasional pedestrian is waiting for the cross walks.  I try to be so good and only go when the cross walk changes but even then i have people making right hand turns and to top this all off  here in florida, or as vin and i call it the wild wild west, people can have all there car windows tinted so you can’t even tell if people see you.  any fellow bikers, flordians have any tips?after getting back from that i buckled down and got some work done.  when i finally was hungry for lunch around 2 thanks to yummy oatmeal and late breakfast I tried a trick from one of my fav bloggers, Kath at Kath Eats Real Food who actually uses some paper that we finished a bunch of our furniture with, story for another day, so I grabbed some scrapbook paper from the craft draws to spruce up my lunch photo as well as added a dexter head deciding weather he should eat my food or not, the verdict was no.  Lunch was left over chicken, pea, pasta pesto from last night over some yummy organic girl spinach.  yums.

Vin and I did another 90 second run 30 second walk for 25min this morning.  He seemed to be doing better did not pretend to puke this time.  Its been good for me because he runs at a 9:30-10:00 min pace and that is where I want to be.  We are only going to run together every other day so on those days I will do my speed, tempo and longer run workouts.

Breakfast this morning was sandwich thins, peanut butter, flax seed, raisins with a side of strawberries and to drink pipping hot coffee and water.after breakfast i did some cleaning with these new sponge replacement type of thing called

Spaghetti Scrub from this company called Goodybe Detergent.  I got mine from crate and barrel online along with this mini back wear site for $4 dollars so i can make mini yummy things like chocolate peanut butter cups.  I was super nervous to try these scrubbers for some reason and i have to say they kick ass.  Not only do you not need soap but they are so great for getting into weird places, like lids and whisks.  I am so excited to use them! They are suppose to last for months and not smell.  The one i got is made out of peach pit.  Pretty cool.

vin and his family are big into the oscars.  ever since we started dating we have watched the oscars even if that meant sitting in a friends apartment while they were not around so we could watch.  we want to a hippie school there was only cable in the common rooms.  also our on campus apartments were called mods.  anyway, on saturday night we watched the live action and animated shorts via on demand which would have been great if on demand worked, comcast i swear is the worst ever.  i have to say they were pretty good.  we like 80% of them a lot and the other 20% well those are what won.  we once read that the ones you hate the most, especially in the animated short category always win and that was so true this time around.  so on sunday morning we printed out of ballads and started doing our magazine and online research.  an hour or so later we finalized our ballads and sent them off to vins aunt, who hosts the party in jersey.  i would like to mention that before this vin and i went out for vin’s first outdoor run ever.  we are working on getting to a 5k and making me faster but it is just super great to be out there with him even if he pretends to puke and die while we run, he has a flare for the dramatics.

for the oscars since we are many miles away we had a low key get together with two of my girlfriends but having people over is a great excuse to make cookies! so i whipped up a batch of these awesome pumpkin cookies that i made for valentines day.  here is the recipe if you want.  i just realized i forgot the vanilla, oops they still taste amazing.  we also did not make the icing and if you do half the recipe.  you can kinda see i add an extra can of pumpkin as well as a teaspoon of pumpkin spice.  vin loves pumpkin.the recipe says to cream the butter with the sugar but i am impatient and lazy so i just melted it in this super awesome butter melter thing that came with all my “vintage” pots, read vintage as my nana’s old stuff we had sitting around the basement that was safe to bring to college.while the butter melt vin read his science book about sciencey stuff.  i have never seen him be so into a book. The book is The hidden reality : parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos by Brain B.  Greenemix the rest of the ingredients together and bakecookies all done!since i knew we were going to nosh on chips we decided to make a salad for the main course.  the salad is based off one of our favorite restaurants in our college town, judies, there is like nothing on the website but if you are ever in the area go its amazing but dont go to hungry because you will have to wait they dont take reservations. any way so for the salad we used spinach as our base, then made yellow curried chicken, along with bananas, cranberry sauce and poppy seed dressing.  i am pretty sure the one at the restaurant also comes with peanuts and raisins but our bowl was full so we left those out. nonetheless everyone loved it as well as the cookies.

The girls enjoying all the yums while we watch the Oscars.

Since being unemployed I have taken to major menu planning, trying to save money, and preparing meals to be ready when Vin walks in the door.  Unfortunately that varies from 6-7 and I am still trying to figure out how to not either have everything cold or over cooked though last night was a little different.  Since we are getting married and it is important to our families to be married by a religious authority we are getting married by a rabbi.  I was raised jewish, vin catholic, though he is non practicing and we observe most jewish holidays, such as shabbat, and plan to raise our future kids jewish, so last night we had what we call “jew school” but is really an intro to Judaism class.  To keep with our budget friendly ways I prepared dinner but did not really think about time or read through the whole recipe which is sadly not new for me.  Nevertheless, Imade backed potato chips and a broccoli, carrot, ginger, red curry and chicken stir fry.  It was super yummy but it was made with me running around like a crazy women as well as trying to photograph it for the blog which was a whole other added time pressure.



















these are so bad i am sorry.  i promise i can take a semi decent photo.  so obviously i cant just make dinner and be happy i also need to make ice cream.  last week i made penne alla vodka because its one of vins favorite meals and it was good but now I have just under two cups of heavy cream sitting in my fridge so out comes the  handy ice cream maker













a while back we bought peppermint extract when we were at publix’s greenwise supermarket which is an awesome.  it’s like whole foods but they still have lots of normal stuff, i mean conventional, but there fresh produce section kicks ass they have carrots with the roots oh how you taste so much better sorry i really like carrots and i was utterly spoiled in college with a farm located on our college campus, but not the point, so we had this peppermint extract so i figured i would make peppermint ice cream and as i am sure a few of you know it is girl scout cookie season so we had one sleeve, minus 2, thin mints left in the freezer so i smashed those up and started making peppermint ice cream.







ice cream churning, yum.

so while that was going i got the stuff ready for the stir fry







jalapenos and ginger on the cutting board and broccoli and carrots in the bowl







we are big proponents of the george forman and i should have totally used it instead of frying them in vegetable oil but last time i made this i made it with shrimp so my head was not in a cooking chicken mind set, oops, next time.   after this we go dark as far as pictures minus my lovely self portrait with my awesome apron from my bro’s girl friend










so with frantic running i packed it all up and ran out the door to pick up the fiance and eat it before class with time to spare.