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  1. Go one week (7 days) with out artificial sugar accomplished! this happened in july/august during our 24 day challenge. we have continued this. besides the holidays it is unusual for us to have any artificial sugar. we do eat a protein bar/whey protein that has stevia. the 24 day challenge was revolutionary for our eating. i finally won the battle of getting rid of always have carbs at dinner and just focusing on more veggies.
  2. Read 20 books not even close. i completed 6 books and two of those were via audio book.  all the books i read were good. i am in the middle of one that must be read by end of the month
  3. Do ab, cardio or goat work after crossfit 2 out of the 4 days not really, kinda. it all depends on how i felt. i was doing crossfit at least 4 times a week and i had an injury 
  4. Push myself yes! after i came back from my injury it was harder but the year ended very well.
  5. Plan out lunches yes, most of the time. getting better at having leftovers and always have good food for me to eat.
  6. Make a new recipe once a month i think i did but i have no documentation of this
  7. Less tv during the work day yes! i still watch an hour or so each day but it is pretty uncommon for me to watch more then that. when i am really busy i just eat and go back to work.

drive to key west for a 9 hour wedding

our cat dexter loves yogurt.  as soon as you open on up he is there waiting for the lid and then he will literary stand over you until you finish the cup so he can like it clean and not sorta clean but clean enough to be put into the recycling bin and i wash 99% or my recyclables.  anyone have a cat who loves yogurt or other odd foods?

I started writing this yesterday and by that I mean I opened up word press for the first time in almost a month and wrote the word focus as a title and then continued to do every other thing minus right a blog post.  Yesterday I went for a job interview and it got me to thinking.  I will hear back about the job on thursday.  When I hear back I will relate the news but if I think about the interview I start to nit pick everything. So anyway, not thinking about it.  Monday I started a living social deal I bought for one month of unlimited yoga at Yoga Fox.  So far I have done 5 classes in 4 days and am really enjoying “traditional” yoga.  Because of the interview I did not get to do yoga yesterday so today I took two classes a general flow class which was an hour and a half and a lunch power hour class.  There was a 30 minute break so I check to make sure I had no important email, none, and had a power bar.  After that I went and ordered our wedding bands!  I am so excited they will be here in 2-3 weeks.

After all that I got home and it was already 2:00pm and I was pretty hungry.  So I made a green monster and had some pretzels, peanuts and raisins on the side.

and my first smoothie in a bowl!  i liked it.  the green monster included, spinach, soy vanilla protein powder, water, ice, banana and mango.  it was very good.

I had a portrait lens which is great for photographing people but really hard for still lives since I had to be on the other side of the kitchen to get anything in focus but I was to hungry to waste time chanting lenses so that is that.

So what was I saying about focus?  I find that I start something get distracted and then move on to something else and while sometimes that is necessary, like when firefox will not stop freezing other times it leads me to meander through my days.  I love schedules but it is hard to schedule a day when a big part of my day is answering the phone and replying to emails.

Sherry whose blog is the amazing Young House Love and Katie who blogs at Bower Power but together a little challenge, along with Lana who blogs at Making a House a Home and Emily Henderson host of HGTV’s Secrets of a Stylist.  You can watch the adorable video that explains the challenge:

The pin i picked seems easy enough but I have been meaning to do this for about a week now so that is great motivation to just do it.  It seems to be a simple old shirt into tank top which seems perfect for this summer heat.   Will share on August 2nd by 7am!

Some how I got Vinny to take 4 days off from work!  I saw this as quite the accomplishment and I think he was happy in the end as well at least until he walked back into the office the following monday but that is not important.  What is important is the five mostly beautiful days we got to spend at my families lake house.  Hopefully more pictures to come.  My camera took a vacation as well.  Here is the one picture I have that my dad took of the view our lake house has, beautiful and relaxing.

Also while we were up at the lake house which is in the Berkshires we got to finally have our engagement shoot with our amazing wedding photographer, Christopher Duggan.  I met Christopher in 2007 when I was interning at Jacob’s Pillow under his wife Nel Shelby both still work at the Pillow in the summer and just bought a cabin near by and have the most adorable almost 3 year old.  It is pretty cool to see people, like my cousin Amy, become parents.  I have always loved Christopher’s work and since going into photography full time look at his work for inspiration constantly.  So I was thrilled, nervous and excited to have our pictures taken by him.  I am so happy with the results and the over all experience and am in even more envy of how amazing a photographer he is and how happy I am to be able to have him capture such a special time in our lives.

Interesting commercial with an even more interesting reaction.  I have never seen this commercial but I have seen plenty similar to it especially in recent years from yoplait.  I do feel that this in particular took it to far.  It not only shows disordered thinking about eating it justifies it but having the “skinny” girl choose the yoplait.

I personally find it interesting that yogurt is seen as this replacement for sweets.  For any one that loves sweets nothing can replace them.  Growing up we always had some type of yogurt in the house and as an adult I always have yogurt in my fridge but as a kid I saw this as a sweet I could eat as much as I wanted of and would be often my last stop in a long night of binging.  When seeing this commercial it just brought up a lot of those  same feelings.

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