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DT Hero Wod


12 Deadlifts (DL) 105/155 55lbs

9 Hang Power Cleans 105/155 55lbs

6 Push Jerks 105/155  55lbs

time 11:54

55lbs is solid for me on deadlifts but with a lower number i could go higher but since the rx is all the same number i figured, if i can to stick to one bar. the goal was under 10 min and i was trying to hard to make it but I could not get through 9 hang power cleans in a row. i am proud i got the last 6 push jerks all together though.  great wod. two of my favorite oly movements.

after wod we did 3 rounds of 100 pushing the prowler with a 25lbs plate, fun?

i did two wods in a row today.  one endurance wod and then a normal wod.  i can list faster what does not feel like jelly much quicker then what does.

Endurance WOD:
Prowler 20min amrap
50m sprints 19 min amrap

we pushed the prowler for 50m and then ran the rest of a 400m for 20 minutes.  the prowler was fun.  i have never done that before.  everyone in the class was very energetic for being 6am and super supportive. after the prowler those runs were progressively slower but i “ran” them with no walking which was my goal. sprints were fun.


2 minutes

Power Snatch 65/95 (25lbs) Still working on my form.  I sometimes forget to stick my but out which is great to be yelled at for.  Since I was using little weights I did not have to touch the ground every time but I think it kinda through off my form.

2 minutes

Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) Getting better at these.  I have a hard time getting to the top target so I worked on being consistent on hitting the low one. I was setting up my ball when the coach was going over wall ball and he asked me to demonstrate, that was not pretty. I saw a instructional video where the coach was saying the ball should not spin, that was not happening.

2 minutes 


***Clock will not stop until end of round/then 30 sec rest***

***Count Total Reps*** 209 or 205 I can not remember I did about 40 each round.  I tried to stay above 40 but it got rough.


10 Deadlifts (135/185) 55lbs

10 HSPU modifiied on the box

10 CTB Pullups modifiied with green band

Time: 8:32


Hang Power Snatch 55/75

Overhead Squats 55/75

Ring Dips

Run 400M Run


Hang Power Snatch 55/75

OHS 55/75

Ring Dips

***CAP is 27 minutes***

I did not finish this one.  My shoulder and back were super sore. I woke up in the middle and had to stretch for a few minutes. I grabbed the 15lb bar and hoped for the best.  I totally lost steam after the run.  My goal was to make it to 5 but I only made it to 8.

20 Minute AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 KTE’s (did 3 or so rounds of pretty good ones and then my right elbow started to lock up so i switched to use the “captains chair” for the rest)

15 KB Swings 35/53 (i have no idea. they are in kilograms and i totally can not remember what it even said, it was orange)

Final: 6 +1

I wish I had pushed harder.  I really need to work on my push-up/burpee form it gets so sloppy when I get tired.  Kettle Ball Swings were good. Need to work on tightening my arms when raised.  Feelings pretty good.

Have to stay focused on my work because my cousin is coming into town for a few hours tomorrow.


10 DB Split Jerks (20/30) I did 8.  Next time should do 10.

15 Spiderman Pushups These were questionable in the push up department since my push up is pretty week but no longer doing any “girl pushups” just hand release ones during warm up. I have improved my pushup a town since I started crossfit but it sometimes feels like something I will never be able to do well so I guess I should add that to my goals list.

10 CTB (chest to bar) Pull Ups Used a green band.  Was hard but not impossible until round 5, then it felt impossible.  I had to fight so hard not to cheat and just say wherever I was is good enough.

15 box jumps Used the red box again.  Did pretty well.  Broke up last 3 rounds into 5’s. On last 5 of round 5 kinda bite it and fell on the box but I just got back up and did it again. Nothing like concurring a fear.

1 rope climb First time doing this. Used the knotted rope. Coach held the rope and instructed me as I went. Made it all the way to the top twice, including my last climb but my hands are really hurting as I type.

Final time: 32:30 ( I think.  I was very tired when this was all done)

long day ahead of editing and driving.  thankfully no shoot until Saturday.  three days in a row has been a lot.  looking forward to a hot hot bikram class at 6am (well not the 6am part)


1 min per station/no rest between station/30 sec rest between rds(just enough time to write down you score, lol)

-Dubs (mostly singles, few doubles)

-Alt Lunges(in place)

-Ab Mat Situps

-Thrusters 55/75 ( i did #35)

-Ring Rows

today’s wod was a handful.  my husband asked me this morning if he thought I had done all the crossfit exercise yet, its been just under 3 months, I told him I have done most but there is always something just a little different.  like today with the ring dips, which were killer. its defiantly a week point for me but i liked the low pressure on my wrists defiantly going to put them on the goat list.

i am bad at math and i think today proved even worse at just straight up counting.  it is so hard for me to focus on doing an exercise and counting. i have gotten better you know counting to 10-15 but to keep counting through 5 different exercises was super hard. i never want to embellish but I really had no idea how many things I did today at all. I said 285, which was low looking at the board but I have no idea.

I did #35 on my thrusters and they were hard.  I have a tough time “exploding up” from my squat. Maybe I need to back it down to #25.

I worked on my plain old squats after the wod.  Did 50 broken up, 3/15 and 1/5 with a ball to help me to tell how low i was going.  I could feel myself getting a little more momentum going up.  I am going to continue doing these this week at 3 out of the 4 days.  I never understood growing up the whole practice thing at all but you can improve with a little work each day.  Like with my DU, finally can do a few, not in a row but with like two singles in between!


when I am not at crossfit I am a wedding/portrait photographer. with hurricaine sandy beaches have been flooding. had to run away from the water on sunday.

went to crossfit this morning.  you know its a bad sign when the class before you is still going when you get there.


20 Over the Bar Lateral Jumps

15 Cleans 95/135 

10 L-Pull Ups

5 TGU 25/35 (each arm)

I did 25lbs for the cleans.  Knees to chest pull ups. 8lbs for TGU

I really want to be able to get to 35lbs cleans, maybe front squats but i had a really hard time keeping my back straight and elbows high.  i can have someone explain it to me a million times but i just do not feel the difference when i am going it right vs. when i am doing it wrong.  i think i need to bring it back the basic and just work on my squat.  I am going to try to do 50 squats 3 times next.

Knees the chest were hard.  feel like i finally got them on the last round.

Upped the weight in the turkish get ups from 5 lbs.

so todays wod (work out of the day) included box jumps and sqauts!

20 MIN AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

200M Run

10 Front Squats 95/135

15 Box Jumps

So I pulled out the red box, which most women use and i think is 20 inch, and said well here goes nothing.  i kept trying to catch the coaches eye to ask for advice but she was not looking my way.  finally i just stood in front of the box looked at it and jumped and i was on top of the box!  i did a few more and then the timer was about to start.

my right knee was feeling pretty sore from tuesday so i only did the front squats with the 15 lbs pound bar which was perfect.  i was able to work on my squat form and do all 10 unbroken. I ended up doing 4 rounds + 200 m run.  my goal was 5 but my bigger goal was to make all my box jumps, which I did!

alright, back to editing!

I have been doing crossfit for about 2 months now and can honestly say I love it.  What do I love so much about it? Well I am sure you have heard it all before but for me.  Its the group mentality as well as having the set time, place a workout ready to go.  I can not bail even if I want to.  I mean I can not show up but as long as I show up I know I am going to get a killer work out.

I also still do Bikram yoga once a week which I still think is amazing but its the exact same thing ever single time which is great, and always challenging but it sometimes gets boring mentally.

Since its been 2 months I can for sure see improvements in my numbers on the board as well as on the scale (well there is no scale but pants are looser so I count that as a scale victory unless all my pants decided to grow)  But I have been wanting to make goals I can accomplish in the box (crossfit’s gym)  So here goes nothing.

1) Box Jump (lets say 20″ but I have to check)

1)  DU

2) Squat Form