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yoga at home I did Yoga to Change Your Perspective with Kathryn Budig (Level 2 Vinyasa 60 min)

The whole class was about “Shift your attitude” which is what i need to start and complete this practice.

Lots of hard stuff i could not do but i stayed positive and happy, i love how light hearted the instructors are (that is on the top of the list why i love yogaglo and yoga in general)

60 min hatha yoga class focusing on shoulder and hip openers. felt good.

in general feel unfocused today.  trying to work on that.

Yin yoga

yoga at home

yoga at home. i did a 60min hatha class on called finding focus taught by steve espinosa.  i really had no interest in doing it but i stuck it out and i was glad for it.

yoga at home via i did “a whole other perspective” with amy ippoliti because i had scheduled it for today and it was tough. it is rated 2 and i do not think i have done any just 2 classes and i am really not their yet. i tried my best but i would not do it again. i am enjoying a lot still. its so easy if i have an extra hour, though i have been slacking on my reading, to set up my matt and get right into class.

i took today off from crossfit and did a 60 minute yin/restorative yoga class via

i just woke up this morning not feeling great and i have had a handful of days lately where I have a hard time pushing myself during wods and its just a terrible feeling to be going through the motions and not giving your all.

after awesome yoga a cleaned a bit then biked to the grocery store to pick up a few things. every time i think its getting cooler the sun comes back and its like, “hah, its still hot out”

last bikram class, sad face, but I am kinda over the looseygooseyness (real word) of this studio. i can be looseygossey on my own when i go to a bikram studio i expect to be upheld to a high standard.  that being said i can not wait to start up my membership and get going practicing at home!  hopefully i like it as much as i did during the free trail and if not its only $18 for one month, which is less then most drop in rates around me.

4th Day of 24 Day Challenge

No fiber drink!!! I can’t say its easier but I did sleep really well, minus the last 15 min thanks to our cat meowing his head off. We were up late because a friend was in town so I was really groggy and I was suppose to work this afternoon but it got postponed so I had an second spark in anticipation.  I was hungry so I had my afternoon snack early and I am hoping I can make it until dinner.  I do find I get a little cranky before dinner so I think I need to just eat some veggies while I wait, but it really gets old quick but I just need to get over it.

Workout: I did yoga at home today.  I thought I was going to be out in the afternoon so I did not want to go to bikram and my legs felt super sore from ohs so I wanted to take it easy. Glad I did.

home yoga via  I have my first physical therapy session tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers I can go to bikram next week so I do not want to commit to an online program yet. selection was ok. I did mobility yoga which was taught like the classes you see on tv not my favorite. I also found that the instructor was not very descriptive and I could not get what he was doing all the time but I feel better. my arms are slowly recovering today.