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last bikram class, sad face, but I am kinda over the looseygooseyness (real word) of this studio. i can be looseygossey on my own when i go to a bikram studio i expect to be upheld to a high standard.  that being said i can not wait to start up my membership and get going practicing at home!  hopefully i like it as much as i did during the free trail and if not its only $18 for one month, which is less then most drop in rates around me.

4th Day of 24 Day Challenge

No fiber drink!!! I can’t say its easier but I did sleep really well, minus the last 15 min thanks to our cat meowing his head off. We were up late because a friend was in town so I was really groggy and I was suppose to work this afternoon but it got postponed so I had an second spark in anticipation.  I was hungry so I had my afternoon snack early and I am hoping I can make it until dinner.  I do find I get a little cranky before dinner so I think I need to just eat some veggies while I wait, but it really gets old quick but I just need to get over it.

Workout: I did yoga at home today.  I thought I was going to be out in the afternoon so I did not want to go to bikram and my legs felt super sore from ohs so I wanted to take it easy. Glad I did.

home yoga via  I have my first physical therapy session tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers I can go to bikram next week so I do not want to commit to an online program yet. selection was ok. I did mobility yoga which was taught like the classes you see on tv not my favorite. I also found that the instructor was not very descriptive and I could not get what he was doing all the time but I feel better. my arms are slowly recovering today.

self guided yoga!  Last day of my free trial.  I plan to start paying for it once I get back from my vacation but I for now I have to say goodbye.  Going to try out another service with a trail membership in the mean time.  Hoping to get the all clear from the Dr. so i can go back to Bikram and use my groupon but my foot is still not feeling much better after yesterday.  Today I had another newborn shot but it was a little easier so that is good.  We will see what the Dr. says.  Fingers crossed.

more  I have scheduled “Get Grounded”  with Felica Tomasko for today so I went a head and did that even though my shoulder were really hurting.  It was a great restorative 60 min.  Somethings were held a little long for me but afterwards my lower back felt amazing but my shoulder and neck still hurt so I did a  little search and found “Practice for Shoulder, Neck and Upper Back” with Jason Crandell.  It was a 3o minute practice which was longer then I wanted but all they had so I went a head and did it.  There were some great shoulder openers that I plan on incorporating into my stretch after crossfit that I know from bikram.  great hour and a half spent feeling good and ready to get some great work done and eat well today!

“The Simple Things” taught by Steven Espinosa

It was a good class.  A few chaturungas which I have a hard time doing because of how my foot needs to move to that always stinks but over all a good class.  I need to keep my hips open since I am walking kinda funny it is a good way to balance me out.  I was hoping to get in 15 or 20 min later in the day but did not.  Will try again tmr.