I had a tough day yesterday and a restless night last night so I thought it best if I did not wod, as planned.  I just looked at the wod which is Nancy (5 rft 400 m run and 15 ohs) kinda glad I did not go even though I could scale this enough to make it fun for me. I can’t go to yoga tmr so maybe a wod is in the cards.  Trying to listen to my body but its hard sometimes.





5x55lbs (missed two by not locking out shoulder but two felt real solid and fast)

8×2 front squats 75lbs

3×5 sots press 15lbs


5/45lbs 5/50lbs 5/55lbs

felt ok. dynamic start feels a little weird but it helps me get into my squat.

i can’t remember what other work i did.

deadlift work

5×65% 105lbs

5×75%  115lbs

5×85%  125lbs

20 min amrap

200 m run

15 deadlift 95/115 85lbs

20 ab mat sit ups


took sit ups nice and slow. felt good. runs were ok. slow but so winded so quickly. i broke up dl 8/7 most of the time just so i could breath.


5/55lbs 5/60lbs 5/65lbs

box square 2×8 55lbs

farmers carry 35 lbs 200 m

4 rft

400 m run

15 push jerks 85/115

15 box jump overs

26:55 first two rounds did 400 m run but felt like i was getting no where so i did 200 m for the last two and focused on actually moving. push jerks at 55lbs which are hard to turn over.  did 5 at a time.  box jump overs were step ups and overs.  good work out but super tired now.  i slept ok last night, ate a great dinner but now as afternoon approaches i am getting very tired.

4 rft

20 pull ups

20 h2h kb swings 25/35

20 power snatches 65/95

jumping pullups, 25 lbs kb 35lbs snatch


felt good.  still working on maintaining good breathing through out.