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horrible focus this morning.  i could not concentrate on the dialogue.  At first I wanted to blame the instructor because he was quiet but it is really the fact I was having a hard time staying focused.  As always glad I went. I have been slacking on back strengthening and core work so I am going to put a great effort into that.  Maybe an afternoon break when I work on that.

another great 6am bikram class.  new teacher was pretty good for having only taught 10 classes.  had a hard time with standing head to knee.  also was obsessively wiping sweat out of my eyes. i need to move past that. i had now balance in my bow pose but i stayed calm and kept moving.  spine series felt less flexible.  i am going to work those back into more every day life.  Camel pose was extremely nausea inducing but I stuck it out the whole count which is my goal.

working my way through a ton of water to ward off any dehydration headaches.

6am bikram class today.  got up at 5:00am this hopefully will carry through for tmr for 6am running wod and normal wod.

bikram was good.  i felt pretty flexible and well balanced.  i still get pain mostly in my right foot when doing the one legged postures.  its pin and needles type of thing so i think its due to poor circulation which i am pretty sure i have since my extremities are always freezing.  spine strenghting was good.  felt a little slow.  crossfit has promoted my endurance for holding postures and my leg muscles so much.

made protein smoothie fitmixer slim still on the fence about this.  i did not do enough research and just choose based on price.  i got a 7lbs bag because why do anything small so I am just going to work my way through it. smoothie contained:

1/4 cup water

1 tbs peanut butter

1 scoop fitmixer slim

1 frozen banana

1 handful of frozen black and raspberries

a drizzle of honey

This is my basic smoothie recipe. i always use a banana because it helps with muscle ache and i switch out the other frozen fruit depending on what is on sale.  if i want to treat myself i will substitute milk for the water.

I based my “formula” of of No Meat Athlete’s great blog post about smoothies.

woke up at 5am and checked my phone to see very happy news about the election. Then I got ready for bikram. I checked last night to make sure I liked the instructor this time because I really needed a class where I was not focusing on actively trying to will the clock forward.  Today was pretty good.  I always have had a hard time in “awkward pose” as far as getting far enough down.  Now doing squats I am a little better but its still so hard and then on top of that my arms were super heavy.  My “triangle pose” felt really good. I am almost making that L with my leg.  My legs feel so much stronger so I am more confident that I can hold it instead of slipping into a split.

today i went to bikram yoga which i have been doing on and off for the past two years.  recently i have been doing it once a week to loosen me up change up my work out.

i have been going to the same studio the whole time so i come to expect the same thing.  for those of you who do not know, bikram yoga, was created by Bikram Chourdhury, i am sure a very humble guy.  It is the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every single time.  the dialogue that the instructors said is also pretty strictly regimented.  this studio has been having visiting teachers all summer who have been hit or miss but there is this new instructor who i think it going to be around for a while and it seems like she is still learning.  i am sure teaching this class is not easy but today there were 5 people.  i have taken class with two of them before and one girl walked in with me so i learned her name when she told the instructor but the instructor some how forgot, along with not knowing me name and one other person.  I am not great with names.  I understand when there are 30 people in a room and you have to call someone by the color shirt, but 5 people! I have a feeling the 5 people speaks the the quality of her class.  I meant to speak up but of course I chickened out.

anyway, i am glad i went.  i feel much better.  going to keep icing my knee and back.