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20 Minute AMRAP


10 KTE’s

5 Ring Dips

10 Burpees

7 rounds

I did modified hand stand push ups off a box.  So hard.  I need to work on getting my head to the ground. I did 10 captain chair straight leg crunches.  Ring dips on the stable bars with a green band and then just plan old burpees.  A big focus with push-ups and burpees is getting my chest to the floor first.  I tend to make a snake type motion putting my belly down first and then my chest.  My chest has a little lead so that helps but when I get tired I lose so much form.  Major shoulder workout so I spent some time working on my shoulder mobility.  Feels like Friday but alas only Thursday.

800m Run

25 Box Jumps did this ever with a partner was a great pace.  best box jumps yet.

25 Wall Balls 10 lbs ball.  not bad.

25 Mule Kicks painful.

400m Run

25 Pull ups jumpinng

25 OH Walking Lunges 25/45 25lbs, pain.

25 DB. Burpees Thrusters 20/30 12lbs.  wanted to do 10lbs but the weights were beings used.  these were crazy.

800m Run

Time: 36 min

there was only one class at my box so it was very busy.  did things kinda out of order depending on what was more busy. after this took  a long rest weekend (3 days off in a row) felt good to relax. excited for monday.

10 MIN. TO FIND YOUR 2 REP MAX. SNATCH (35 lbs) Still felt a little shallow in my squat but was getting better.



10 D.B THRUSTERS 20/30 (8lbs) I meant to do 10lbs but I picked up 1 8lbs dumbbell and 1 10lbs.  When I went to pick them up for my second round I relized I had two different weights.  I ran over to exhange the 8lbs but could not find another 10lbs quick enough so I just grabbed the 8lbs.  Still was super hard.

10 OVER THE AB MAT BURPEES I am terrible at jumping.  Need to jump more in life, in general.

10 KTE’S (Used the Captains Chair so I did not strain my elbow)

3 +1 and 1 burpee

Not my best but glad I got it in.

i did two wods in a row today.  one endurance wod and then a normal wod.  i can list faster what does not feel like jelly much quicker then what does.

Endurance WOD:
Prowler 20min amrap
50m sprints 19 min amrap

we pushed the prowler for 50m and then ran the rest of a 400m for 20 minutes.  the prowler was fun.  i have never done that before.  everyone in the class was very energetic for being 6am and super supportive. after the prowler those runs were progressively slower but i “ran” them with no walking which was my goal. sprints were fun.


2 minutes

Power Snatch 65/95 (25lbs) Still working on my form.  I sometimes forget to stick my but out which is great to be yelled at for.  Since I was using little weights I did not have to touch the ground every time but I think it kinda through off my form.

2 minutes

Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) Getting better at these.  I have a hard time getting to the top target so I worked on being consistent on hitting the low one. I was setting up my ball when the coach was going over wall ball and he asked me to demonstrate, that was not pretty. I saw a instructional video where the coach was saying the ball should not spin, that was not happening.

2 minutes 


***Clock will not stop until end of round/then 30 sec rest***

***Count Total Reps*** 209 or 205 I can not remember I did about 40 each round.  I tried to stay above 40 but it got rough.


Cleans 95/135 (35lbs)


Split Jerks 95/135  (35lbs)

This was a tough one.  Cleans were super hard.  I have such a hard time coming up quick on my squats that by the last 9 its hard to call it a squat.  Burpees were also kinda messy since my arms started to be no help after that 15 round. Split Jerks were not bad.  Need to work on high elbows though.

Having a tough eating day.  Going to try to get back on track for the rest of the day.

20 Minute AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 KTE’s (did 3 or so rounds of pretty good ones and then my right elbow started to lock up so i switched to use the “captains chair” for the rest)

15 KB Swings 35/53 (i have no idea. they are in kilograms and i totally can not remember what it even said, it was orange)

Final: 6 +1

I wish I had pushed harder.  I really need to work on my push-up/burpee form it gets so sloppy when I get tired.  Kettle Ball Swings were good. Need to work on tightening my arms when raised.  Feelings pretty good.

Have to stay focused on my work because my cousin is coming into town for a few hours tomorrow.