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20 Min AMRAP

10 Split Jerks 65/95 35lbs not bad.  so hard to keep balanced weight on both feet as well as not jam my writs.  got heavy at the end but not impossible.

10 Ring Dips green band.  by round 5 I was really feeling these.

1 40yd Suicide Ru Legs felt like bricks and my shoe lace kept coming untied.  shoelaces!

6 rounds

mini wod: 2 Rounds not timed

Row 800m

20 Ball Sit Ups ( but with an 8lb pound wall ball. they burned

24 total twists with kb 

CrossFit Rowing Coach Shane Farmer gives everyone some tips and drills to perfect their stroke as the CrossFit Games progress. Don’t get left behind in the games when a coach like Shane is handing out great info like this!


warm up: 50m jog/50m sprint x 4 (work up to your full sprint by round 4)
6-8 x 400m (1 min rest)
Hold pace 2-3 secs
cool down: 200m

did either 4 or 5 400m lowest time 2:08 highest 2:20 (i think)

felt pretty good.


DUBS: needs practice SDLHP 35lbs felt light but right arm was stiff and than my left arm felt weird.

Lunges 10lbs hard. Burpees same

Thrusters 25lbs felt good. Vups hard, need to practice                                                1) 2+33 35lbs 2) 2+3 10lbs 3) 2 + 10 25lbs



Hang Squats Snatches 65/95 15lbs

KB Swings 53/70 24lbs

Run a 400m run after round 9 with a 25/45lb plate rowed

20:25 min

20 Minute AMRAP


10 KTE’s

5 Ring Dips

10 Burpees

7 rounds

I did modified hand stand push ups off a box.  So hard.  I need to work on getting my head to the ground. I did 10 captain chair straight leg crunches.  Ring dips on the stable bars with a green band and then just plan old burpees.  A big focus with push-ups and burpees is getting my chest to the floor first.  I tend to make a snake type motion putting my belly down first and then my chest.  My chest has a little lead so that helps but when I get tired I lose so much form.  Major shoulder workout so I spent some time working on my shoulder mobility.  Feels like Friday but alas only Thursday.


Deadlifts 65/95 35lbs

Hang Power Cleans 35lbs

OHS 15lbs

Push Jerks 15lbs


laid out flat on the floor after this one.  i had a hard time figuring out my weight because i could go heavier on the deadlifts but the rx was pretty light.  hang power cleans were hard at 35lbs but manageable .  elbow felt week with the 15lbs so glad i stayed there.  i should have practiced more push jerks with the 35lbs but i did not and i still am a little afraidabout getting my chin so i kept those light



Thrusters 65/95 25lbs

Pullups green band

time: 6:47 

and then…

RMFT=Run a mile for time