While I was home in Connecticut my mom and I made a day trip to Boston.  My parents house is about 2 hours from Boston which is not to bad and totally worth it to see my awesome cousins and this little guy.

Ben!  Ben is my cousin, Amy and her husband Joey’s first child and he is awesome.  He is about 8 months and is sitting up, eating everything and making the cutest noises.  All and all best baby ever, what can I say he is family.  We met at there apartment hang out and then headed to Fireplace for brunch.  It was very good.  Though I ordered a salad and when it came out it looked great but it was not enough food for a meal.  Dana, my cousin Justin’s wife had also ordered the same salad but being smart also got a roasted chicken on the side, so I quickly told the waiter that I also wanted some roasted chicken.  This is so not me.  It usually takes me forever to decide things and I hate inconvenience people even waiters so I guess I being hungry makes me a little bolder.

Ben and his Dad!

My mom holding Ben.

Dana (justin’s wife), Justin (cousin, dad’s side), Joey, Me and Amy (cousin, mothers side)

after brunch we headed to trader joes and picked up some dark chocolate peppermint patty things and some other fun trader joe treats I could bring on the plane with me because florida law (or lack of law) does not allow trader joes in the state.  so after this we started a search for shoes for my wedding dress you know since I left this to two days before my first fitting where I was suppose to have shoes.  I knew more or less what I wanted, a flat, comfortable, reasonable priced shoe but just had not found it yet.  We tried one store no luck and the second one went into had a ton of awesome “good for your feet” shoes and there I found my shoes.


I am so happy with them and ended up leaving them in CT because I did not want to be tempted to wear them to much.  It was great to be able to do this with my cousin, Amy.  She is my only girl cousin and I have always majorly looked up to here.  She was number one in her huge high school, went to Wash U, Harvered Dental and is now a pediatric dentist.  Did I mention she is like the sweetest most caring person as well.  So anyone it was very exciting to have her with me.  She also is a super great mother.

So after this we headed home and I got to play with Ben while Joey “did work” or fall asleep

after joey got all his work done we headed up to the roof of their building for a little family photo shoot.

After feeding Ben dinner and giving him a bath my mom and I hit the road.  We had such a great visit and I am so lucky to have such great family!