so todays wod (work out of the day) included box jumps and sqauts!

20 MIN AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

200M Run

10 Front Squats 95/135

15 Box Jumps

So I pulled out the red box, which most women use and i think is 20 inch, and said well here goes nothing.  i kept trying to catch the coaches eye to ask for advice but she was not looking my way.  finally i just stood in front of the box looked at it and jumped and i was on top of the box!  i did a few more and then the timer was about to start.

my right knee was feeling pretty sore from tuesday so i only did the front squats with the 15 lbs pound bar which was perfect.  i was able to work on my squat form and do all 10 unbroken. I ended up doing 4 rounds + 200 m run.  my goal was 5 but my bigger goal was to make all my box jumps, which I did!

alright, back to editing!