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The rest of the weekend was super fun though not document really.  We ate a lot of good food between Itzayana Ten, the food trucks under the high line and block heads and drank a lot of good beer and some not so snotty craft beer.   We saw the Upright Citizens Brigade  as well as Memphis.  The boys even took a surprise, well to me trip to Atlantic City.  All and all it was an amazing weekend and I am so happy to have spent it with such amazing people.

Chelsea Market

Kim, Kevin and Alex debating what to order.

The High Line is the one thing i did get to document because I walked it twice.  The high line is a old railroad track that has been converted into a lovely above the streets park where you can some amazing views of the hudson as well as cross town.  If you live in the area and have not been over there it is totally worth an hour or so and if you are visiting its totally worth it for the views and a little outside central park

Kimmy and I

Hello NYC! Oh how i miss you, even with your summer stench.  so the second leg of our summer vacation took up to the big apple for two very important events.  The first one being be big bros birthday!

The other thing is our bachelor/bacholoarette weekend.  Since we were staying the weekend we check into our hotel.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn Chelsea which we greatly enjoyed.  Not only the hotel but the location as well.  We choose it because my brother lives in Chelsea but it is really close to a ton of subways and an easy walk to a lot of major tourists stuff including the flatiron building which is one of my favorite buildings ever though we did not make it there this trip.

so once we checked in we headed over to my bros apartment and gave him his gifts.  this is how her normally looks.  he has gotten quite good at playing for the cameras since he spends most his days with photographers.

my mom and i.

my brother and i both love top chef, i mean who does not.  so i was thrilled that he picked Colicchio and Sons We ate in the Tap Room and had the prix fixe lunch menu which was amazing.  Everything that we hate was some of the best food I have ever eaten.  I did not take any pictures of the food, my family already looks at me weird, and I wanted to enjoy some quality family time.

  I did take a picture of the main room which was gorgeous.  More NYC to come!