vin and his family are big into the oscars.  ever since we started dating we have watched the oscars even if that meant sitting in a friends apartment while they were not around so we could watch.  we want to a hippie school there was only cable in the common rooms.  also our on campus apartments were called mods.  anyway, on saturday night we watched the live action and animated shorts via on demand which would have been great if on demand worked, comcast i swear is the worst ever.  i have to say they were pretty good.  we like 80% of them a lot and the other 20% well those are what won.  we once read that the ones you hate the most, especially in the animated short category always win and that was so true this time around.  so on sunday morning we printed out of ballads and started doing our magazine and online research.  an hour or so later we finalized our ballads and sent them off to vins aunt, who hosts the party in jersey.  i would like to mention that before this vin and i went out for vin’s first outdoor run ever.  we are working on getting to a 5k and making me faster but it is just super great to be out there with him even if he pretends to puke and die while we run, he has a flare for the dramatics.

for the oscars since we are many miles away we had a low key get together with two of my girlfriends but having people over is a great excuse to make cookies! so i whipped up a batch of these awesome pumpkin cookies that i made for valentines day.  here is the recipe if you want.  i just realized i forgot the vanilla, oops they still taste amazing.  we also did not make the icing and if you do half the recipe.  you can kinda see i add an extra can of pumpkin as well as a teaspoon of pumpkin spice.  vin loves pumpkin.the recipe says to cream the butter with the sugar but i am impatient and lazy so i just melted it in this super awesome butter melter thing that came with all my “vintage” pots, read vintage as my nana’s old stuff we had sitting around the basement that was safe to bring to college.while the butter melt vin read his science book about sciencey stuff.  i have never seen him be so into a book. The book is The hidden reality : parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos by Brain B.  Greenemix the rest of the ingredients together and bakecookies all done!since i knew we were going to nosh on chips we decided to make a salad for the main course.  the salad is based off one of our favorite restaurants in our college town, judies, there is like nothing on the website but if you are ever in the area go its amazing but dont go to hungry because you will have to wait they dont take reservations. any way so for the salad we used spinach as our base, then made yellow curried chicken, along with bananas, cranberry sauce and poppy seed dressing.  i am pretty sure the one at the restaurant also comes with peanuts and raisins but our bowl was full so we left those out. nonetheless everyone loved it as well as the cookies.

The girls enjoying all the yums while we watch the Oscars.