1 min per station/no rest between station/30 sec rest between rds(just enough time to write down you score, lol)

-Dubs (mostly singles, few doubles)

-Alt Lunges(in place)

-Ab Mat Situps

-Thrusters 55/75 ( i did #35)

-Ring Rows

today’s wod was a handful.  my husband asked me this morning if he thought I had done all the crossfit exercise yet, its been just under 3 months, I told him I have done most but there is always something just a little different.  like today with the ring dips, which were killer. its defiantly a week point for me but i liked the low pressure on my wrists defiantly going to put them on the goat list.

i am bad at math and i think today proved even worse at just straight up counting.  it is so hard for me to focus on doing an exercise and counting. i have gotten better you know counting to 10-15 but to keep counting through 5 different exercises was super hard. i never want to embellish but I really had no idea how many things I did today at all. I said 285, which was low looking at the board but I have no idea.

I did #35 on my thrusters and they were hard.  I have a tough time “exploding up” from my squat. Maybe I need to back it down to #25.

I worked on my plain old squats after the wod.  Did 50 broken up, 3/15 and 1/5 with a ball to help me to tell how low i was going.  I could feel myself getting a little more momentum going up.  I am going to continue doing these this week at 3 out of the 4 days.  I never understood growing up the whole practice thing at all but you can improve with a little work each day.  Like with my DU, finally can do a few, not in a row but with like two singles in between!


when I am not at crossfit I am a wedding/portrait photographer. with hurricaine sandy beaches have been flooding. had to run away from the water on sunday.