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Endurance WOD (modified)

1 mile time: 9:31 minutes! it was “cold” today so i could feel my breath but this is the first time i have run 1 mile with others which always helps me push myself.  the last time a ran 1 mile only I was in 8th grade and it took about 15 minutes.  I run 12 minute miles when I race 5ks so this is a step closer to my sub 30 min 5k.

4 200 meter This was slow and messy but still fun.


100 Dubs or 250 Singles I did a mixture.  I got 3 linked DU.

1 Rope Climb Knotted rope. Not bad. Coach held the rope.

80 Push ups  Hand release push-ups.  5 at a time. Had a hard time keeping decent form after 30.

1 Rope Climb Knotted rope. Hard. Coach held the rope.

60 Wall Balls 14/20 I used an 8lbs.  I have such a hard time with these.  Needs work.

1 Rope Climb Knotted rope.  No one to hold the rope.

40 Box Jumps Not bad but could have been faster.  Mentally was trying to stay in the game.

1 Rope Climb Knotted rope. Harder. Coach held the rope.

20 Toe 2 Bar Used the Captains Chair so I did not strain my elbow.  10 at a time.

1 Rope Climb Knotted rope. Coach held the rope. Hard.

Time: 36 minutes and some change.  Put me straight on the floor.  Took me a while to fully catch my breath.


10 DB Split Jerks (20/30) I did 8.  Next time should do 10.

15 Spiderman Pushups These were questionable in the push up department since my push up is pretty week but no longer doing any “girl pushups” just hand release ones during warm up. I have improved my pushup a town since I started crossfit but it sometimes feels like something I will never be able to do well so I guess I should add that to my goals list.

10 CTB (chest to bar) Pull Ups Used a green band.  Was hard but not impossible until round 5, then it felt impossible.  I had to fight so hard not to cheat and just say wherever I was is good enough.

15 box jumps Used the red box again.  Did pretty well.  Broke up last 3 rounds into 5’s. On last 5 of round 5 kinda bite it and fell on the box but I just got back up and did it again. Nothing like concurring a fear.

1 rope climb First time doing this. Used the knotted rope. Coach held the rope and instructed me as I went. Made it all the way to the top twice, including my last climb but my hands are really hurting as I type.

Final time: 32:30 ( I think.  I was very tired when this was all done)

long day ahead of editing and driving.  thankfully no shoot until Saturday.  three days in a row has been a lot.  looking forward to a hot hot bikram class at 6am (well not the 6am part)