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I am getting married in the fall and am working out the details.  I have going back and forth about weather or not I want to get my hair and make up done or if I want to do it myself.  On a whim I made an appointment to have my make up done and hair.  These were the results.  Thoughts?  Is it weird that my favorite photo is my side view?

Vin and I have been loosely following Couch to 5k plan and it has been going really well.  Today was a rest day for him and a sleep in day so I got some exercise in after he left.  Little Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga, which I started to like.  Its so different doing yoga from a dvd, but my wallet likes it and I am getting used to it.
after yoga i had some oatmeal with peanut butter, flax seeds, rasins and a half of apple.  yumafter this i got on my bike and ran the two errands i had, post office and bank.  it is beautiful outside, sunny though the breeze is a little stronger then i would like especially when riding into it and i going about 2 mph. i am so lucky to live in flordia and get to enjoy this beautiful weather but i really wish i could ride my bike on the roads.  I see people doing it but I am way to scared.  80% of the bikers around where I live, not on glorious bikers heaven A1A, ride on the sidewalk and what mainly sucks about this besides dodgy the occasional pedestrian is waiting for the cross walks.  I try to be so good and only go when the cross walk changes but even then i have people making right hand turns and to top this all off  here in florida, or as vin and i call it the wild wild west, people can have all there car windows tinted so you can’t even tell if people see you.  any fellow bikers, flordians have any tips?after getting back from that i buckled down and got some work done.  when i finally was hungry for lunch around 2 thanks to yummy oatmeal and late breakfast I tried a trick from one of my fav bloggers, Kath at Kath Eats Real Food who actually uses some paper that we finished a bunch of our furniture with, story for another day, so I grabbed some scrapbook paper from the craft draws to spruce up my lunch photo as well as added a dexter head deciding weather he should eat my food or not, the verdict was no.  Lunch was left over chicken, pea, pasta pesto from last night over some yummy organic girl spinach.  yums.

I love fashion/style bloggers such as Delightfully Tacky, Jen Loves Kev, She is Sara, M loves M, Keiko Lynn, Blue Collar Catwalk and Helmet Head.  The girls behind these blogs are amazing and full on inspiration not just in style.  These are just skimming the surface of the amazingness that is out there.  I have always liked fashion and used clothes to express myself.  Now that I work from home getting dressed is less and less of an excited thing though I do try to put on real clothes everyday I tend to wear something pretty simple.  I also live in Florida and work with windows, doors and ac off so that limits me.  Here is my first attempt here to document what I am wearing.  I am going to run some errands with a friend so unfortunately these are not the actual shoes worn but I love wedges and thought they classed up the simple out fit.

this was the first photo i took and was a little flustered but all the others photos came out blurry.  will try to be a little more posed next time.

cardigan- old navy, shirt, belt- F21, shorts- marshells and shoes- payless