i did two wods in a row today.  one endurance wod and then a normal wod.  i can list faster what does not feel like jelly much quicker then what does.

Endurance WOD:
Prowler 20min amrap
50m sprints 19 min amrap

we pushed the prowler for 50m and then ran the rest of a 400m for 20 minutes.  the prowler was fun.  i have never done that before.  everyone in the class was very energetic for being 6am and super supportive. after the prowler those runs were progressively slower but i “ran” them with no walking which was my goal. sprints were fun.


2 minutes

Power Snatch 65/95 (25lbs) Still working on my form.  I sometimes forget to stick my but out which is great to be yelled at for.  Since I was using little weights I did not have to touch the ground every time but I think it kinda through off my form.

2 minutes

Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) Getting better at these.  I have a hard time getting to the top target so I worked on being consistent on hitting the low one. I was setting up my ball when the coach was going over wall ball and he asked me to demonstrate, that was not pretty. I saw a instructional video where the coach was saying the ball should not spin, that was not happening.

2 minutes 


***Clock will not stop until end of round/then 30 sec rest***

***Count Total Reps*** 209 or 205 I can not remember I did about 40 each round.  I tried to stay above 40 but it got rough.