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20 Minute AMRAP


10 KTE’s

5 Ring Dips

10 Burpees

7 rounds

I did modified hand stand push ups off a box.  So hard.  I need to work on getting my head to the ground. I did 10 captain chair straight leg crunches.  Ring dips on the stable bars with a green band and then just plan old burpees.  A big focus with push-ups and burpees is getting my chest to the floor first.  I tend to make a snake type motion putting my belly down first and then my chest.  My chest has a little lead so that helps but when I get tired I lose so much form.  Major shoulder workout so I spent some time working on my shoulder mobility.  Feels like Friday but alas only Thursday.

400m Run Fast.  I just wanted to get back inside as quick as possible.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) Not bad.  Tried 60lbs but could not keep a flat back.  Did all 10 unbroken each time.

30 KB Swings 35/53 (16lbs) Need to move up.  Just nervous about my wrist and elbow.

30 Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) 10 at a time and so so painful.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs)

800m Run Slow

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) Not bad.

30 KB Swings 35/53 (16lbs) did 20 and then 10

30 Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) Felt a little more consistent.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) I know I did these but I barley remeber so they must have been ok.

400m Run Slower and then a little faster and the last 100m


15 Thruster 65/95 25lbs

15 Hang Power Snatches 65/95 25lbs

15 Box jumps 

Time: 23:38 ( I have a pretty hard time remember my time if I do not write them down immediately so please take them with a grain of salt.)

We were suppose to finish under 20 min other wise our weight was to much.  The Thrusters felt good but the Hang Power Snatches felt clunky.  Box jumps were terrible. Done and moved on.


Push Press 65/95 35lbs

OHS 65/95 15lbs

Ball Slams 14/20 14lbs

Push Presses were good.  Still get nervous about slamming my chin against bar. I swear a 35lb bar weighs more then a 15lbs bar with two 10lbs plates.  I used the 35lb bar so someone else could use my second 15lb bar.

Over Head Squats felt great.  Good depth.  Chest up.  Still not sure about my spine but I think they are getting better.  Worked on coming up fast.  Last 15 I had to break it up for those last 5.

Ball Slams were good.  Not sure on my form just made sure I caught the ball.  Coordination often times eludes me.


400M Run slow.

15 Hang Power Snatches 65/95 25lbs.

***Focus on Hip Extension, Elbows High/Outside***

***Work on your POSE technique***

Time: 22:58


20 Push ups Like squats, lunges, push ups are one of those basic things that are so hard.  i have come a far way in 3 months. i can do 10 pretty solid hand release push ups in a row.  still working on getting my chest to hit the ground first though.

10 Power C&J 95/135 25lbs felt good.  able to get all 10 in a row.

100M Lunges(50up50back) so slow.

10 Power C&J 95/135

20 Push ups

CAP 20 minutes ***CLOCK WILL BE STOPPED***

Finished up the first set of Power Clean and Jerks.  Wish I had made it to lunges then I think I could have at least completed after the clock stopped but I was not ready to do more lunges.

800m Run

25 Box Jumps did this ever with a partner was a great pace.  best box jumps yet.

25 Wall Balls 10 lbs ball.  not bad.

25 Mule Kicks painful.

400m Run

25 Pull ups jumpinng

25 OH Walking Lunges 25/45 25lbs, pain.

25 DB. Burpees Thrusters 20/30 12lbs.  wanted to do 10lbs but the weights were beings used.  these were crazy.

800m Run

Time: 36 min

there was only one class at my box so it was very busy.  did things kinda out of order depending on what was more busy. after this took  a long rest weekend (3 days off in a row) felt good to relax. excited for monday.