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400m Run Fast.  I just wanted to get back inside as quick as possible.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) Not bad.  Tried 60lbs but could not keep a flat back.  Did all 10 unbroken each time.

30 KB Swings 35/53 (16lbs) Need to move up.  Just nervous about my wrist and elbow.

30 Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) 10 at a time and so so painful.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs)

800m Run Slow

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) Not bad.

30 KB Swings 35/53 (16lbs) did 20 and then 10

30 Wall Balls 14/20 (10lbs) Felt a little more consistent.

10 DL 135/185 (55lbs) I know I did these but I barley remeber so they must have been ok.

400m Run Slower and then a little faster and the last 100m


15 Thruster 65/95 25lbs

15 Hang Power Snatches 65/95 25lbs

15 Box jumps 

Time: 23:38 ( I have a pretty hard time remember my time if I do not write them down immediately so please take them with a grain of salt.)

We were suppose to finish under 20 min other wise our weight was to much.  The Thrusters felt good but the Hang Power Snatches felt clunky.  Box jumps were terrible. Done and moved on.


Hang Power clean 95/135 (35lbs) This felt manageable but my fast elbows started to slow a lot quicker then I thought.

Rings Push ups (chest must touch the ring) (walking toes feet) not bad.

KB Swings 53/70 (16lbs) manageable i think i need to move up but i am nervous because the next one feels so much heavier when i test it out but i think i just need to get over it and realize its going to be hard and do it.

EVEN= Rope Climb (with knots) this killed me.  mentally i just could not get on the rope and then when i did i could not get to the second knot.

ODD= 400m Run I tried to push hard but the second to last run left me super winded.  the last run i almost was walking but i tried to push through know that was it but still felt like i was barley moving.

Time: 35:31 or 38:31 I can not remember.


the crossfit i go to post the daily wod around 9pm the night before.  when i was first starting i would check it before i left so i could watch some videos to at least know what equipment i could start collecting.  after a month starting to know more i stopped checking the site regularly because i would find myself dreading and over thinking what was to come. so that is how i show up on friday and all i see on the board is “Test yourself: 5k”  While before, during and after I was pretty upset about this workout I did well.  I did not get to run me annual 5k race due to work so I finished around 36 min which is great for me.  maybe when things quiet down with work I will sign up for an official 5k to see if i can get below the 34 min mark.

6am bikram class today.  got up at 5:00am this hopefully will carry through for tmr for 6am running wod and normal wod.

bikram was good.  i felt pretty flexible and well balanced.  i still get pain mostly in my right foot when doing the one legged postures.  its pin and needles type of thing so i think its due to poor circulation which i am pretty sure i have since my extremities are always freezing.  spine strenghting was good.  felt a little slow.  crossfit has promoted my endurance for holding postures and my leg muscles so much.

made protein smoothie fitmixer slim still on the fence about this.  i did not do enough research and just choose based on price.  i got a 7lbs bag because why do anything small so I am just going to work my way through it. smoothie contained:

1/4 cup water

1 tbs peanut butter

1 scoop fitmixer slim

1 frozen banana

1 handful of frozen black and raspberries

a drizzle of honey

This is my basic smoothie recipe. i always use a banana because it helps with muscle ache and i switch out the other frozen fruit depending on what is on sale.  if i want to treat myself i will substitute milk for the water.

I based my “formula” of of No Meat Athlete’s great blog post about smoothies.

20 minute AMRAP

5 Hang Squat Cleans 95/135 (15lbs)

10 Box Jumps (20″ box)

15 KB Swings 35/53 (16lbs)


50 Pullups  I modified with green band.  First 25 were good.  Getting better at my kipping.  Chest getting above bar.  Last 5 were sloppy.

400M Run

21 Thrusters 65/95 (15lbs) I am having such a hard time with my squats/trusters.  I really wanted to work this one light because I want to get my form right but I just have such a hard time.  Whenever I get corrected I do not feel any difference so I do not know how to keep it correct besides having some one stand over me and say so.

800M Run 

21 Thrusters 65/95 (15lbs)

400M Run  I was lagging last 100M thankfully I had a great motivator and pace setter so it made it 100% easier to finish this up.

50 Pullups modified with green band

***Scale if needed***



Hang Power Snatch 55/75

Overhead Squats 55/75

Ring Dips

Run 400M Run


Hang Power Snatch 55/75

OHS 55/75

Ring Dips

***CAP is 27 minutes***

I did not finish this one.  My shoulder and back were super sore. I woke up in the middle and had to stretch for a few minutes. I grabbed the 15lb bar and hoped for the best.  I totally lost steam after the run.  My goal was to make it to 5 but I only made it to 8.

20 Minute AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 KTE’s (did 3 or so rounds of pretty good ones and then my right elbow started to lock up so i switched to use the “captains chair” for the rest)

15 KB Swings 35/53 (i have no idea. they are in kilograms and i totally can not remember what it even said, it was orange)

Final: 6 +1

I wish I had pushed harder.  I really need to work on my push-up/burpee form it gets so sloppy when I get tired.  Kettle Ball Swings were good. Need to work on tightening my arms when raised.  Feelings pretty good.

Have to stay focused on my work because my cousin is coming into town for a few hours tomorrow.

went to crossfit this morning.  you know its a bad sign when the class before you is still going when you get there.


20 Over the Bar Lateral Jumps

15 Cleans 95/135 

10 L-Pull Ups

5 TGU 25/35 (each arm)

I did 25lbs for the cleans.  Knees to chest pull ups. 8lbs for TGU

I really want to be able to get to 35lbs cleans, maybe front squats but i had a really hard time keeping my back straight and elbows high.  i can have someone explain it to me a million times but i just do not feel the difference when i am going it right vs. when i am doing it wrong.  i think i need to bring it back the basic and just work on my squat.  I am going to try to do 50 squats 3 times next.

Knees the chest were hard.  feel like i finally got them on the last round.

Upped the weight in the turkish get ups from 5 lbs.