day 3 of no real work out.  i did some hollow rocks, sit ups and push ups but i am not great at motivating myself.  my foot seems to still be just as bad.  i have not put any pressure on it for almost 24 hours and it still seems just as swollen.  i can move my foot up and down but it definitely does not curl down as much as it normally does.

i am still pretty upset about this and having a hard time dealing with day to day tasks.  i did not realize how much not being able to walk would effect my life.  not only do i miss my box and working out but there are so many tasks that I am unable to do because I can not walk like mailing out clients dvds.  I have been asking a lot from my husband and he has been great but he leaves work at 6:30am and does not get home until 6:30pm on good days so its a long day.  we tried to prep a little more today to make my life easier but I still know its going to be a long day.

my goal for today is to stay positive and not move to much.